About Civil Society Dialogue Programme
The Civil Society Dialogue Programme between Turkey and EU implemented with the EU financial assistance as a platform to bring together civil society organizations from Turkey and EU Member States around a common subject and to ensure that societies get to know each other, engage in exchange of information, and establish sustained dialogue. The programme was initiated in 2008 and it is ongoing for more than 10 years.

Fifth Phase of Civil Society Dialogue Programme (CSD-V) was implemented in IPA II period and granted a total of 7 million euro to 40 dialogue projects to be carried out jointly by CSOs from Turkey and EU Member States/Candidate Countries. The Directorate for European Union Affairs is the responsible institution for the technical implementation of the programme, while the Central Finance and Contracts Unit is the Contracting Authority.

As well as focusing on developing sustainable dialogue and cooperation, the projects under the Programme implement activities towards disadvantaged groups including the disabled, the elderly and refugees. The projects are carried out in various fields such as gender equality, education, health, agriculture, food and environment.

Our project
Activity 1 – Sharing experience and best practices events

Two four-day sharing experience events will take place in Greece and Italy with the participation of CSOs form Europe and Turkey. Networking and exchange of knowledge among participants will be prioritized and recommendations for next steps will be developed.

Activity 2 – Engaging CSOs with relevant stakeholders and local communities
Three stakeholders’ engagement meetings and three raising awareness events with the engagement of local community will take place in Adana, Elazig and Diyarbakir with the aim of developing recommendations on migrants’ and refugees’ integration.

Activity 3 – Roadmap for the integration of refugees and migrants
The Publication entitled “Roadmap for the integration of refugees and migrants” will provide well-rounded, informed by practitioners and stakeholders, practical and viable suggestions on the topic of refugees’ and migrants’ integration. The Roadmap will be the result of extensive desk research, review of relevant policy and scholar work on the issue, identification of best practices and incorporation of Project’s key inputs and recommendations from other activities.

Activity 4 – Launching the EU-Turkey Civil Society Network
The EU-Turkey Civil Society Network will be launched in order to strengthen cooperation among civil society actors in Europe and in Turkey. The Network will provide the necessary space for institutional dialogue, which will be regular and follow clear governance rules. The Network will give CSOs the opportunity to share their positions and raise issues for debate, to build partnership and advocacy coalitions and enhance their knowledge capital regarding developments in the area of migrants’ and refugees’ integration. The Network members will be able to post and disseminate their work, organise working groups, build synergies and pool resources.

Activity 5 – Dissemination
Apart from the project’s website and social media accounts, a Final one-day Conference will be organized in Istanbul. The conference will showcase the project results and lessons learnt and will invite a wide audience of civil society, academia and local and public authorities, policy experts and the media to discuss future steps on the integration of migrants and refugees.  The launching of the Network will take place during the Final Conference.

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