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Amidst the so called refugee crisis, the increasing migratory flows, the policy environment engendered with the EU Turkey joint statement and the European Agenda on Migration, there is a need to strengthen the ties of CSOs in order to develop well-coordinated strategies for the benefit of all parties involved and society at large. Aiming at fostering an EU-Turkey transnational dialogue space for civil society in the field of refugees’ and migrants’ integration, five CSOs from Turkey, Italy and Greece collaborate for a 15-month project supported in the context of Civil Society Dialogue Programme.

During the project duration the EU-Turkey Network has been launched between SCOs, NGOs, Private Companies, Stakeholders that are interested in new collaboration opportunities with the goal of integrating migrants and refugees in our host societies and the strengthening of the cooperation among civil society actors in Europe and Turkey.

The EU-Turkey Network provides the necessary space for institutional dialogue and give CSOs the opportunity to share their positions and raise issues for debate, to build partnership and advocacy coalitions and enhance their knowledge capital regarding developments in the area of migrants’ and refugees’ integration. The Network members will be able to post and disseminate their work, organize working groups, build synergies and pool resources.

In order to have clear governance rules the partnership has developed a set of operational guidelines for the members of the Network which aims to establish a plan for regular cooperation between the Parties, with a view to:

  • Intensify cooperation and networking among CSOs in Europe and in Turkey ,
  • Enhance the capacity of CSOs in promoting and supporting the integration of migrants and refugees,
  • Strengthen the role of civil society organisation in policy formulation and on developing solutions in the specified field,
  • Increase public awareness on the rights of refugees and migrants and on the benefits of migrants/refugees in host societies.

The Institutions, Bodies, Associations, Organizations and individuals who agree shall cooperate on all issues that concern the strengthening of social partners and other civil society organisations in EU and Turkey, cooperate, in particular, on promoting the active involvement of the Network Parties in the work of their respective integration activities and seek to make their activities as widely known and accessible as possible to civil society, all its constituent groups and sectors both in Turkey and in Europe. They will also cooperate in their activities designed to encourage knowledge exchange between CSOs of the region and strengthen their links, sharing their experiences, carry out joint activities of mutual interest and enhancing the impact of their work.

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